Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kenanga Wholesale City

Salam, everyone. I went to Kenanga Wholesale City with my sister and cousins yesterday. Just wanna check out the place and see what do they have there. The new mall is nice, clean and fully air-conditioned. There are so many shops that offer nice clothes with low price. There's this once blouse that I really like, they sell it for RM30 per piece. But if I buy 4, the price will be RM18 per piece. Isn't it amazing?! Apparently this is where online blogshop get their stocks. 

However, I only bought 1 blazer for RM25 and 144 pieces of hanger. Yes, hanger. Haha. 144 pieces for RM45. Cheap. Oh I also saw a very cute pink hanger! RM1.20 for 1. 

The place is big, you can find blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, jubah, tudung, telekung, bags, belts, anything. You just need to walk around and enter each and every store that are available. Haha. 

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